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Guest post- Home Accent Lighting Design Ideas!

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There are many different home accent lighting design ideas
both for inside and outside of your home. When decorating the interior of your
home, you will need to know what accent lighting is and the different types of accent
lights. When designing the exterior of your home, you will need to know some
different types of outdoor accent lights and the best places to install

Indoor Accent

Accent lighting is a light directed
to highlight things in a room such as art or decorative objects. A good accent
light will be subtle, so people will notice what you are illuminating and not
so much the way that it is lit. Ambient lighting is the basic lighting in a
room. Never just rely on a bunch of table lamps for this. They would not provide
the most ideal illumination. Other lights you should not rely on for ambiance are floor lamps and ceiling pendants.

Types of Indoor Accent Lights

A monorail style light system in a hallway to create an instant
art gallery effect for your wall pictures.

LED Accent Lighting –LED accent
lights are more energy efficient and come in a variety of styles. They are a great
idea for kitchens, stairwells and behind your TV. LED lights turn an ordinary
room or area of your home into a tasteful and elegant styled area. If you use your accent lighting effectively, you will without a doubt add
comfort and character to your home. Some ideas include simple plug-in puck
lights under the kitchen cabinets, track lighting in a hallway or mini accent
lights above wall art or family photos. LED lighting can be used in any room as
well and under furniture or along the bottom of cabinets to add subtle
character and intrigue to any room.

Outdoor Accent

There are many different types of outdoor accent lighting ideas you can
utilize to add flavor, coziness, and uniqueness to your home’s appearance.
There are landscape lights, post and pier lights, outdoor wall lights, outdoor
ceiling lights, patio lights, LED strip lights, and many more.

Type of Outdoor
Accent Lights

Landscape lights light up your yard or selective areas of trees,
bushes, foliage, etc. They can also light up water or ponds if you have bodies
of water. 

Wall Lights
Wall lights provide beautiful illumination to areas of your
home’s exterior walls and can also provide security at night as well.

Outdoor LED LightingLED lighting can also add beautiful
subtle highlights to your home. They can be used anywhere you would want accent
such as: around the base of your house, alongside the roof trim, alongside a
walking path, and on patio railings. Mini recessed LED pathway lights are great
when used to light up outdoor walkways or areas of your driveway.

When these indoor and outdoor
accent lighting designs are used together, it will surely add comfort,
uniqueness, safety and security to your home.

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