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The One Room Challenge- Week 4!

Today is week 4 of The One Room Challenge! I really appreciate being included as an ORC participant, thanks to Linda from Calling It Home, the creator and organizer of this wonderful challenge. If you have missed previous posts, you can check it out here (week 1)here (week 2) and here (week 3).

Last week has been pretty eventful. My son, Isaac had a flu along with a fever, runny nose, cough and chills and had been staying home for almost a week. He wanted to go to school so badly because he had been missing his friends and teachers. Fortunately, he is completely recovered from fever. However he still has a mild cough. Anyway, we also celebrated our 8th year anniversary last weekend. 

Even with everything that goes on in our home, I still hope to finish another project to show you this week so we made a trip to Home Depot to get some hooks (to hang the branch mobile) and a plank (for another project for the room) and Ikea to get the following:

We bought a curtain wire and some clips and planned to use it to hang my son's artwork. My budding artist is proud of his work and loves to stick his creations on the walls so I think this item will be a great solution to organize and showcase his work!

These puppy hooks are so adorable, I couldn't resist so I get it in every color (except pink). We already had some storage boxes for my son's toys but we need more. So we bought more.

We already bought the frame last year.

I actually have another toy storage in mind but my husband really wanted the one above so I gave in. For the storage boxes, I really wanted the white boxes but my husband insisted that we get the colorful ones for practicality reasons. Again, I gave in. 

You see, my husband is the paying 'client' here and as his 'decorator', my job is to work with his ideas and budget while trying to execute the vision I had for the room. Also, with a husband, you pick your battles, right? 

Initially, my husband refused to let me paint the room white for practicality reasons (Do you see a pattern by now? Yup, I married Mr. Practical) but I insisted. For a second, I wanted to let him have his way but I knew white is the only way to go! My vision is to make this small room looks fresh, bright and airy! Will I design the room differently if everything is up to me? Definitely! He wanted the room to look more child-like and colorful and I wanted the room to look chic, sophisticated and whimsical so I try to incorporate his ideas with mine, all while maintaining a very tiny budget for this room. 

This week, my plan is to hang the branch mobile that I had made earlier. However, my husband couldn't locate the studs on the ceiling so the branch mobile didn't go up. We ended up with a ceiling filled with drilled holes. He just bought a new stud finder yesterday so hopefully the new one worked better than the old one.

I wish we made some progress this week but like I said earlier, it has been an eventful week so there is not much done besides getting a few items from the big box stores.

Hopefully, we will get more done next week!

Don't forget to check out the rest of the participants from The One Room Challenge below! I am sure they made more progress in their rooms than mine!

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Write by: AN - Wednesday, October 23, 2013

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