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Friday, March 21, 2014

Home tour- A designer's handsome San Francisco home!

This handsome and sophisticated home belongs to event designer/ interior designer Ken Fulk. Check out this amazing 1950's hilltop San Francisco home below!

Photo credit: Douglas Friedman

Isn't his home fabulous? I have always been inspired by his marvelous designs and this home is no different. Chic, cozy and captivating, this home oozes high style and sophistication. I am particularly drawn to the vintage shoe cabinet display and the stylish brass dresser. My favorite space is the beautiful terrace with the Zen-inspired garden. Which element or room catches your eye, my lovelies?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Favorite room of the week!

Words couldn't even describe this amazing space! Bright, spacious, whimsical, unexpected, this refined room is simply divine. I can't stop staring at every element in this room especially the full grown tree and the gorgeous white marble fireplace. Are you drawn to this space as much as I do? 

Guest post- How To Design A Home Storage Space!

This article is provided by Andrea Vollf.

How many times have you walked into a house that looked perfect from
the outside and then, from the inside, all you could think of was “where am I
supposed to store all my belongings?” Unfortunately this situation is becoming
very common in today’s age due to the fact that many of the new homes are
relatively smaller than the ones built few decades ago. And, if you live in
areas of the country where the real estate price is prime like New York City or
San Francisco, having the appropriated storage space is definitely something
you should think about it.

If you live in a small place such a studio, you will probably have
mastered the art of keeping only the essential while making most of every inch
on your walls. Vertical storage is, without a doubt, the most efficient way to
maximize the storage space in a room. In the kitchen for example, instead of
having artificial plants or other decor on the top of your wall cabinets to
fill that empty space between the ceiling and the cabinet, adding
another cabinet is a good option. This way every inch of that wall will be used towards
efficient storage

In a home with stairs, look into custom build cabinetry under the
stairs for more storage. They can be as deep as the staircase or on casters for
easy access. Depending on your home layout, that empty space under the stairs
can easy become an extension of your kitchen as people have installed
appliances as well created a nice pantry and even a wine cellar! The under the stairs space is also a great
area to create a home-office or even an arts and crafts station for the kids as
you have plenty of room for shelves and

When creating such a space, think of functionality, closed cabinets for maximum storage
and open shelves for easy access. Consider using the wall space between the
desk and the cabinet or shelf to store craft tools that are used every day or
make it a message center to help you to keep organized throughout the day. Instead
of a task lamp, opt for under cabinet lighting as it will give you more room on
your desk to work on.

Furthermore, an under the stairs space can also be converted into a
nice reading nook, a small mudroom, and even a space to store your shoes or,
depending on where you live, your winter clothes.

Besides utilizing the space under the stairs, you should think of how
the space under your bed is used. Do you have a traditional bed (mattress, box
spring and bed frame) or is your mattress sitting on something else? Creating
under the
is another great way to make most of your space. 

Nowadays, you can
find amazing beds with underneath storage for sale. If you are not so sure
where to go, start looking at companies like West Elm, Crate & Barrel, and
Pottery Barn as they offer a nice selection of storage beds. Available in
different sizes and styles, the storage bed will certainly be a huge add-on to
your room.

When it comes to accessory and functionality, one of my
favorite items to any 
living space is the storage ottoman. Versatile, the storage ottoman can give you a storage space and an extra sitting spot. It also serves
as a nice end table for your 
living room, as well as a footboard in your bedroom or a place to sit while
getting dressed in your walk-in closet
or bathroom
. For more storage, consider replacing your
coffee table with large storage ottoman. Add 
fun to any room
by playing with colors or for a more sophisticated look, simply go

If you like to travel or if you are a fan of old world design, consider
creating an end table made with stackable trunks. It will not only character to
the room, but it will also provide you with extra storage space while creating
an unique conversational piece. After all, everything deserves a place to be.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Product review- All Tapestry!

What is the first thing that comes in mind when you think of tapestry? Too traditional? Too old-fashioned? To me, tapestry conjures a sense of old world grandeur and luxury because they are usually found in old castles or large mansions. 

Fortunately, tapestry has come a long way and now, they are easily accessible and available in all price range. The type of tapestry I like most are those that are affordable and comes in all sorts of styles and sizes. All Tapestry is such example.

All Tapestry offers tapestry from charming European designs to modern abstract designs. So imagine how thrilled I was to be asked to pick any tapestry from their wonderful website for this review!

I love so many of their tapestries so it was quite hard for me to narrow it down to one choice. Here are some of my favorites (some that I really liked and has considered getting)!

Aren't they beautiful? Which one is your favorite? Now you know why I had such difficulty picking "The One"! In the end, I picked this gorgeous tapestry because I think it was the best candidate for my home!

Before I hang my tapestry, I had a few locations in mind. In the end, I decided to put it in my living room, just above my newly purchased white lacquered desk! Here it is, ta-dah!

Front view

Close up

Another close up

Side view

I love my new tapestry! The design and colors are so pretty and it looks like a work of art! I also love the grand scale of this lovely piece. Measuring at 53"Wx62"H, it filled up my big, blank wall nicely and made quite a visual statement. The warm colors in the tapestry complements our living room's stone fireplace and made the space feels even cozier, which is always a plus when you live in an area with lots of cold, wintry days like Illinois.

One thing I noticed was the rod that is included with the tapestry came in black instead of silver (as shown on their website). Personally, I prefer the black because in my opinion, it worked better with the colors found in the tapestry and looked more seamless beside the dark trim. 

Hanging the tapestry was a breeze because it came with instructions and all the necessary hardware. While trying to hang the rod, we stumbled into a small obstacle but it took us only a few minutes to figure things out. From figuring things out to measuring, drilling holes and hanging the tapestry, it only took us about half an hour. Hanging a tapestry is as easy as hanging a curtain rod, you just have to find the right person to do the job (in my case, it is my husband).

Made in USA with Jacquard looms and  pure cotton yard, this product is absolutely well-made and no details are overlooked. The back of the tapestry is sewn with a heavy fabric and the bottom of the tapestry is inserted with metal rods to hold its shape.

Charming with an old world flair, beautifully designed and thoughtfully constructed, what is not to love about this gorgeous tapestry?

*I received this product to review for free but the views and opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Don't forget to check out All Tapestry for beautiful and affordable tapestries when you get a chance!

Monday, March 17, 2014

A top lifestyle blogger's festive garden party!

Have you heard the latest news? Top lifestyle blogger, Joy Cho from Oh Joy will be launching her new line of entertaining essentials for Target. To introduce her new Target line, she threw a festive indoor party to celebrate the launch. The attendees include Emily HendersonMrs Lilien and other tastemakers in the design world. Let's take a look at her fun and festive party below!

Photo credit: Laure Joliet

It certainly looks like a fun garden party, don't you think? I just adore her colorful and vibrant decor, it feels so cherry and spring-like. I am particularly drawn to the fresh and beautiful table setting especially the floral arrangements and the artistic paper flower installments on the gray wall. I am also drawn to the fabulous coral ice buckets with the gold accents and gold rim goblet cups from her Target line, how pretty! What catches your eye?

Friday, March 14, 2014

Home tour- A visually delightful Houston home!

I am so glad to have stumbled upon this enchanting home, designed by the homeowner herself, designer Bailey Quin McCarthy. This colorful Houston home is truly a feast for the eyes, come let's take a tour of this inspiring home, shall we?

Photo credit: Kimberly Chau

Decorated in bright colors with charming whimsical details, this home is truly a visual delight! I can't get my eyes off each and every room especially the unexpected vibrant red and orange bathroom, the calming and beautiful master bedroom and the stylish all-white kitchen (especially the gorgeous gold hardware and accents). I enjoyed touring this fabulous home, what about you?