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Fabulous finds- Modern White Desks (In Every Price Range)!

I have been thinking about getting a glossy, modern white desk for the longest time. I have delayed my desk purchase because I really wanted to have a 'proper' home office before getting the 'perfect' desk. 

After many years of waiting, I have decided to get a desk pronto whether I am getting a designated room of my own or not! Since our home is short on space, I decided to move some furniture (with hubby's help, of course) to make way for a spot in our house to call my home office. 

I have been checking out a lot of white desks, from the super affordable to those that are out of my price range just to see what is on the market. If you are looking for a modern white desk with a sleek design as well, I hope you find today's post helpful. Below are my favorites:




Personally, I am gravitating towards white modern desks with interesting legs particularly those with x-bases, trestle legs or chrome bases and gorgeous hardware details. In a fantasy world, I would be getting one of the desks from the 'pricey' range. However, in reality, I will probably get a desk in the "affordable" range. 

The super chic and elegant 'Polished Brass & Lacquered Campaign Desk', is my most favorite! Every single detail on that desk makes me swoon. What about you? Which desk are you drawn to?

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Write by: AN - Thursday, August 8, 2013

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