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Guest post- Wonderful Ways To Add Value To Your Home!

In today's housing market anything you can
do to add value and allure to your home will help you when it comes time to
sell, home improvements can be daunting and take time, effort and yes; money,
but it all pays off in the long term. Improving your home should not be simply
about benefiting the next occupier, it should be about improving your lifestyle
while you are still inhabiting so choose home improvements that you can benefit
from too and make your home everything it can be.

Home additions increase the functional
space of your property so you have more room to relax and enjoy your
surroundings, adding extra rooms through home extensions and investing in a
conversion to space you do not use will give you a great return on investment in
the future and improve the look and feel of your house in the present.

Current Space

Defy convention and convert your space;
your attic can be so much more than a space to store old clothes and your
garage need not be the place where broken bicycles and empty paint cans go to
die. Adding an extra bedroom is one of the most effective ways of pushing up
the price of your home when it goes to market and an attic is a beautiful blank
canvas, if the structure of the attic or loft is already sound all you need to
do is add to it. Invest in skylight windows to make the most of the location of
the room and turn it from a dark and musty hide-away to a light, airy master
suite or guest bedroom.

Have a close look at your garage, then
close your eyes and let your imagination soar. Take note of the amount of space
available and you might come to find it is more than the other rooms in your
house (can you fit a car or 2 in your front room?) and then consider what you
could really do with it. If you have no need for a ground floor bedroom you
could turn the space into a sprawling home office, dining room or living room,
before you know it your house will feel twice the size. Your garage is a blank
canvas waiting for you to imprint your style upon it, the first step is to open
it up and let the light shine in with well placed windows. Large windows and bi- fold doors bring natural light flooding into the whole of your new room so
there is no dingy spaces and no one will know it is where you used to park your

Space Up With A Conservatory & Bi-fold Doors

marry your home and your garden beautifully; they give you a stunning space
where you can sit and enjoy the serene tranquillity of your garden in the
peace, quiet and warm they are a versatile addition that can be used for
whatever you wish. You can choose a style of conservatory that compliments the
style, era and ambience of your house, go classic with Victorian inspired
designs or be modern and chic with a Garden Room, they can be adorned
however you wish and the only decoration you need is taken care of with the
beauty of your landscaping.

One of the great
benefits of a conservatory is you do not require planning permission to build
them and experts suggest they can add up to 15% to the value of your home! By
making sure they suit the building type and making sure they have the same
flooring as the rest of your property you can ensure they fit seamlessly into
your home design and do not feel like bolted on space.

If you are worried
a conservatory will take up too much space then bi-folding doors have the same
aesthetic impact of opening up your home to your garden. Bi-fold doors are a
space saving innovation that is still relatively rare in UK homes, they give
your room the feel of a Mediterranean getaway where your home rolls
gorgeously into your garden.

3.   Revamp
Your Bathrooms

How far you
choose to go with your bathrooms is entirely dependent on your budget, if you
want to save money on a re-design, simply investing in modern fixtures and
fittings and a lick of paint can give your bathroom a whole new look without
breaking your bank. If you have a bigger budget, you can completely
remodel your bathroom to bring it soaring into the 21st Century in style,
potential customers would not make the change from a contemporary bathroom with all
the mod cons to a throwback to the 1960's so if you want the best price
possible make sure it is modernised.

If you have the
space and the time, adding a second bathroom or an en-suite gives your home an
extra touch of luxury and an extra injection of space.

It takes time,
effort and patience to make affective adjustments to your home but when the end
result is outstanding you will wish you had made them sooner. Stay ahead in the
housing market and take pleasure and pride in your new and improved space.

This post was
written by Emma Smith on behalf of
Abbey Windows, the experts in
revolutionary windows and creative, classy conservatories.

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