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Seven simple suggestions to achieve a spa-like bathroom!

If you have
ever treated yourself to a session at the spa you will know that, as much as the treatments
and the chance to relax, the environment plays a key part in your enjoyment of
your time there.

While you can not
install a full-scale spa in the corner of your home, you can give one room a
revamp to give it the character of a mini-spa; the bathroom. 
Think about it;
this is the one room in the house where you can have utter privacy and indulge

The following tips
will help you create a bathroom with a spa-like feel.

1. Earth bound

When you think
of the colour scheme in a spa, what comes to mind? Light, natural colours are favoured
in the spa environment as they create a sense of calm and tranquility. 
Earthy tones
like beiges and greens complement a spectrum of blues which work together for a
holistic effect. 
Decorate your bathroom
in light, earthy colors to recreate the feel of a spa.

2. The little things

If the taps in
your bathroom are mismatched then remedy the situation! One characteristic of a
spa is deign consistency. 
Stunning Mira Showers mixer taps come in a range of styles to suit your
taste and are not only elegant, but durable and practical as well. 
Nothing less
could be expected of Mira Showers which has been in the bathroom business for
nearly 100 years.

3. Sign of life

The presence of
a plant in your bathroom 
will work wonders for creating a spa-like feel. 
Orchids are ideal as they are elegant and graceful. They also look fabulous on the
counter and last for months.

4. Making scents

Soothing scents
are indispensable to the spa experience, so make sure you emulate this in your

Choose an essential oil which you like and dab it around the room. Lavender
and eucalyptus are the perfect scents for a spa-like bathroom.

5. Elegant storage

Do away with
the packages of health and beauty products that litter up any bathroom and place
them in glass containers instead. What looks more spa-like; cotton balls in
their box or in a pretty glass container?

6. The extras

Your shower
curtain may be fun but if that means it is bright, jazzy and jarring it is
probably not right for a spa environment. Replace it with a more subdued
curtain in light hues or semi-transparent so that light can get through.

The same goes for
your bath mat. A wooden panel mat always looks better
and is easier to take care of.

7. Plan to relax

If you are
going to the trouble of transforming your bathroom, make sure you have the bits
and pieces for relaxing. 
Do you need a
little table next to your bath for a glass of juice or wine? What about a
rubber pillow to fix at the head of the tub? 
Oh – and don’t
forget the candles!

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Write by: AN - Thursday, February 20, 2014

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