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Guest post- Five reasons you need a rug this winter!

This article is provided by Amy Shawley.

the magic of a rug this winter. Whether you have carpets, floorboards or
vinyl flooring, everyone can benefit from a little extra underfoot comfort.
Here are our top five reasons for adding a rug to your home:

1) Warm your toes

can not all afford the luxury of under-floor heating and a wooden or vinyl floor
can really get chilly in the winter. Give your feet a break and place a rug
next to your bed, by the sofa or in the hallway. This extra comfort will mean
you are still warm when wandering about with bare feet, even in the coldest

you have carpets, you can still layer a rug on top, providing even more

2) Change the
atmosphere of the room

homes can be a little hollow and sounds can bounce around inside. Rugs can act
as a soundproofing device by swallowing up the noise. Where footsteps echoed
around and voices traveled through the house before, rugs will mute them. 
Shaggy rugs are the
best type to use for this purpose due to their depth, plus they are sure to add
luxury too!

3) Seasonal style

colors are warming and welcoming; a bright rug can draw you into a room and
create a focal point. Use reds and oranges for a really festive feel. When it is
grey outside, your home will feel just as homely as ever.

4) Extra stability

can actually create extra grip on a slippery floor. By using adhesive rug pads
underneath, you can secure them in place and make a smooth hallway or living
room a safer place. This is especially useful when kids are running about.

place a rug under a table and chairs to prevent the table sliding around and to
mask the sound of chairs scraping in and out.

5) Pack it up, move
it on

rug does not need to be a permanent fixture. You can move them to different
spots in the room, or even different rooms, change them for a different color
with the seasons or just roll them up and put them away in summer.

your room is in need of a slight update, a rug is the perfect addition.

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Write by: AN - Thursday, January 9, 2014

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