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Guest post- Three things to remember when designing a classy new bedroom!

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Sometimes in life, it is important to treat
both yourself and your home. Though some people may feel that grandiose décor
is something of the past, the truth is that it is more prevalent than ever.

Whether you simply enjoy the luxury of
sleeping in one of the most elegant bedrooms imaginable, or you simply want to
try something new, there is nothing wrong with aiming high in terms of your décor.

Here are a few ideas that may be able to
help your quest for a fabulously classy bedroom:

in only the best furniture.

If you really wish for
your room to be authentically grand, then you simply have to buy only the most
beautiful and elegant furniture in the land.

So what is the best range of furniture to
achieve this?

If you are after authenticity, then there
is nothing more so than
bedroom furniture available from OakFurnitureUK

Designed with the rococo art movement in
mind, ivory bedroom furniture features pearl white finishing, illustrious
floral patterns and aristocratic swirls; giving the overall impression of a
dignified, yet expressive design.

Elegance, does not define grand furniture
however, as even the most simple, yet beautifully designed solid oak furniture
can leave an impression of grandeur and quality.

your floor like any other surface

One of the largest mistakes that a person
can make is to forget about the stylistic aspects of their floor.

Though this may sound a little odd, a floor
can leave a lasting impression on any guest. So what is the best type of
flooring for an exclusively styled bedroom?

simply, one of the classiest flooring styles currently found in the UK is
parquet flooring.

Used in manors and prestigious homes in 16th
century France, parquet flooring used to be one of the most expensive and
exclusive flooring designs in the world.

With only very few craftsmen being able to
master the art of laying the floor, only the wealthiest of families could
afford the privilege of having parquet flooring in their homes.

Today however, parquet
remains elegant and beautiful and is often only found in larger homes in the
UK. Due to this, it is often considered a luxurious stylistic approach to any

are important

If you have already gone this far, then there
is no harm in treating yourself to the most prestigious accessories for your

Though you probably would not find what you are
looking for in your average IKEA store, by searching through the internet you
should be able to find a range of beautiful additions to your bedroom.

Whether that is simply a dressing table, a
white arm chair or a pearl rococo mirror, if your bedroom accessories are not up
to scratch, then they could be the missing elements to your almost perfect

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