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Guest post- Does Your Kitchen Know It Is Spring?

The sun is shining, we have hidden our coats and gloves at the back of
our wardrobes and bright blue skies have replaced the somber grey days. We are
fully aware that spring has made its long-awaited arrival, but can the same be
said of your home?

As a room that is used multiple times on a daily basis, where better
place to start with a spring makeover than your kitchen?

Innovative ways to spring
clean your kitchen

Ensure your kitchen emulates this light and bright season by
cleaning everything until it sparkles. Start with the big things that are used
on an everyday basis such as
washing machines to enjoy the impact almost
immediately. From big appliances to wall tiles; from the ceilings to the
floors, give everything a thorough scrub down.

If you are on a bit of a budget there are some creative ways to get
your kitchen sparkling using the very basics, for example:

To de-scale a kettle, cut a lemon into large chunks and place inside,
then fill the kettle with water, leave to boil, and leave the resulting mixture
to stand overnight. Discard the next day and rinse thoroughly – then treat
yourself to a nice cup of tea.

For a gleaming glass oven door, create a thick paste using bicarbonate
of soda and a few drops of water. Dig out some rubber gloves, use a cloth to
rub the paste on the inside of the door, leave for 15 minutes then clean off grime
with ease!

Bright and beautiful kitchen appliances

Spring cleaning
your kitchen is a great start when revamping it in time for the warmer months.
Sparkling white surfaces and twinkling chrome appliances not only make for a
smart, hygienic kitchen but also have a welcoming aesthetic effect. Clean
surfaces will do a far better job at bouncing all that extra daylight around
the room, giving it a lift and making it feel more airy and spacious.

Sometimes even
the most thorough of cleaning jobs would not restore an item to its former glory,
and it is times like these when looking for
is the only option. Take your laptop into the garden, settle
down in the sun and immerse yourself in the lively world of kitchen d├ęcor. From
colorful kettles to bright blenders, there are plenty of ways to add a summery
splash of color to your kitchen.

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