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Guest post- Stylish, architectural bathroom design!

So you want your bathroom design to make a statement,
to say that you are a person who enjoys and appreciates design, aesthetics and
cotemporary style. Well, then here is my guide on how to create a bathroom
that, while practical and efficient, will make a bold design statement that is
certain to catch the eye.

Every bathroom shares fundamental similarities, (these
rooms exist to be functional after all), yet while we require efficiency, reliability
and durability from our bathrooms, there is almost limitless scope to the
number of ways to personalize your bathroom, to truly create a space which is
comfortable, inviting and reflects your sense of style. 
There are various
factors to consider when attempting creating a bathroom with a strong design
emphasis: the amount of space you have available, how many people will be using

room each day, and so on. 

Fortunately, in the world of modern bathroom
design, there is always a solution to be found. For example, freestanding,
roll-top baths have long been the epitome of sophisticated, luxurious bathing,
but compact, space-saving models are now widely available. Similarly, a walk-in
wet room was once the sole territory of those with huge budgets and even bigger
bathrooms, but a complete wet room installation can now be fitted into even the
smallest of bathrooms.

Every bathroom needs a focal feature, a strong design
statement of intent, and a freestanding roll-top bath can be one of the most
direct ways to achieve this. For a long, relaxing soak, a traditional
freestanding bath, sitting on classic claw and ball feet and fed by
freestanding taps is hard to beat as a way of indicating that you take bathroom
comforts seriously! 

Alternatively, focusing on your basin area, the most
frequently used section of every bathroom, is another great place from which to
build your aesthetic. 
Three key features will define you basin area: Basin,
taps and mirror. A basin with a larger capacity will always seem to be more
user friendly, and in smaller bathrooms this can still be achieved with a
bathroom which is wide and deep, rather than projecting out into the room.
White ceramic or natural stone basins are the leaders in the field at the
moment, and both are safe bets for performance and aesthetic impact. Waterfall
taps are set to have a big year in 2013, the tap of choice for trend setters,
combining cutting edge styling with graceful ease of use. 

Next, we come to the
bathroom mirror: Mirrors are famously a short cut to enhancing the sensation of
light and space in any room, and they form an integral part of any vanity area,
so splash out and indulge yourself and invest in an illuminated bathroom
mirror. Space-enhancing, glamorous and recalling all of those dressing room
moments  from classic films, but with a
contemporary twist, illuminated mirrors are both a practical investment and a
sure fire way to make sure that your bathroom stands out from the crowd.

White walls were de rigeur during the minimalist
heyday of the 90’s, but after you have selected your ideal suite and perfected
you ideal basin area, you are going to want walls that enhance and increase the
impact of your fixtures and fittings. Off-white or pastel walls will help to
keep the room feeling bright and friendly, while providing rich and tactile

A highly styled, architecturally influenced bathroom
does not need to require months of planning or an extensive budget, just focus
on getting the basics right and build from there. Good luck, and enjoy!

Helen Davies is a senior content writer for Better Bathrooms, who sell good looking contemporary
and traditional 
at realistic prices.

Disclaimer: I have received compensation in return for publishing this article.

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