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Guest post- How To Decorate Your Garden For A Party!

There are some things
in life that are just right. Parties in your garden are one of those things in
life that are just right. Of course, one or two things need to be in place in
order for the party to work. The weather has to be good: you have no control
over this. The guests have to be right: you mostly have control over this. The
garden decorations have to be spot on: you have complete control over this.

Of course there is a
great deal of choice as far as garden party decorations go. Much of what you do
is down to your preference. A bit of inspiration never goes amiss, though, does
it? So here are my five top garden party decoration ideas.

1.  Make Your Garden an Extension of Your
Home   with Your Garden Furniture

Garden furniture says
something about you. You can, of course, invest in new garden furniture for a
particularly important party (and it is an investment). However, you do not have
to splash out. An alternative is to demonstrate your creative side and renovate
the furniture you already have. By renovating your furniture yourself you are
putting a bit more of you into your garden. Another good thing about renovating
is that you are extending the life of much loved furniture without changing it

2. Hire a Marquee

There are several
reasons why you might want to hire a marquee. You can not guarantee the weather
will be kind to you so a marquee allows you to remain outside (well sort of)
whatever the weather.

What you might want
to do, however, is use your marquee for staging something just a bit special
and different. Why not use your marquee as your own movie theater for the
night. An alternative is to hire some live acts to come and perform for you.
Your guests will just love it.

A third alternative
is to get your guests involved. You could, for example, invite them to a talent
contest where they are the talent. Those who are not too keen on performing can
just be part of the audience.

3. A Centerpiece with a Difference

If you are dining at
table you will want a centerpiece for your table. Traditionally centerpieces are made from flowers. However, why not be different? Try using a flowerpot
and fill it with fresh fruits. If you use citrus fruits like lemons and oranges
the bright colors will stand out beautifully. Why not have several centerpieces?

4. Create a Unique Place to Eat and Rest

Here is a great idea
to add another bit of you to your garden. Choose a spot where you can place
your dining table under a canopy. Make the canopy out of fabrics that you
choose. It could be a sunshade made out of curtains. Your guests will find it
relaxing and different.

5. Get Yourself A Summerhouse

A summerhouse is one
of the most versatile additions you can get for your garden. It is great for
summer dining when the sun goes down and it is just a little cooler.
Alternatively, you can use it to shade you from the heat of the day.

A summer house is not
just a summerhouse. It is also a place for the kids to play; for you to use as a
home office or study or a bit of a man pad or beauty salon.

It is true that there
are some things over which you do not have control; however, how you decorate
your garden is not one of those things. You are restricted only by your own imagination.

Author: David Johnson is an author and IT consultant. He enjoys walking and lives in the
country with his wife. David would like you to visit this following site for inspirational
garden design ideas: 
visit the site.

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