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Guest post- Be Love-struck with Your Bedding: 9 Hints and Tips!

This article is provided by Kathy at Yorkshire Linen Co.


Fall in love with your bedroom by
updating and upgrading your bed linen. Indulge yourself by choosing your
favorite colors and color combinations, your favorite fabrics
and buying the best quality bedding that you can afford. Good quality fabric
will last many years, which makes it an economical choice when taken over time.

1. Color Me Happy

When choosing a colour scheme, do not be afraid to try something new and
different. People tend to stick with soft pink or blue, maybe a little yellow,
but otherwise it is white or cream with touches of beige all the way! Red,
black and white makes a striking combination and soft pink with light, bright
green is surprisingly attractive. Blue and chocolate merge to create a lively,
yet demure décor theme for those who do not want an over-the-top bedroom colour

2. Bed Linens: Texture is the Key

How your fabric feels is as important to your décor as the color scheme you
adopt. Fabrics must feel good to the touch, and embossing and embellishment on
that fabric adds a rich luster to your bedding. For beautiful and good quality
bed linens I always go for
Yorkshire Linen Co.Whether
you opt for embroidery, applique or heavily textured woven fabrics, make sure
that you love the way the fabric feels against your bare skin – you will, after
all, be sleeping in it!

3. The Light and Airy Touch

Open up your bedroom by choosing small, fine stripes and delicate tiny prints
on fabrics. These delicate touches will make your bedroom look luxurious and
fragile, cocooning you in soft, warm comfort. This style is perfect for women
of all ages, from the cradle to the grave. For full-fledged bedroom makeover my
favorite is
Opus Services

4. Vibrant and Exuberant Color

If you want to create a bold and masculine look in your bedroom without
compromising on attractiveness choose bedding that features bold stripes and
bright color block patterns. This will create a charming and attractive room,
without any frilly femininity. It is perfect for a confident, yet understated
décor style that is not over done in any way.

5. White is Right?

For a dramatic and fresh look make your bedroom over in white. From the
curtains to the furniture to, of course, the bedding, select bright white to
create a dazzling and clean décor style. Light-weight fabrics will give the
room an ethereal charm, while small touches of bright colors, preferably in
primary shades, will soften the impact of all that relentless whiteness, while
still leaving a fantastically surreal atmosphere.

6. Big and Bold Florals

Floral patterns are so very extensive and varied that the subject needs to be
divided into two. For a flamboyant and cheerful décor scheme opt for big, tacky
floral patterns; poppies as big as pillows, extravagant blossoms swarming over
the fabric creating a cheerful and loud visual cacophony against which to plan
the rest of the room’s décor. This big and bold style needs nerve and panache
to pull off, but can look wonderfully polished when done properly.

7. Tiny, Sweet and Pretty Florals

If you do not have the nerve, or room size to risk investing in big and bold
flower prints why not opt for smaller, pretty flowers that do not immediately
grab all the attention in the room? There is something about flowers that
speaks to our souls and have a ‘bed of flowers’ to rest on makes our bed seem
just that little bit more comfortable.

8. Lace

A touch of lace really boosts the charm
and appeal of a bedroom. Deck your bed with lace-covered pillows, invest in
lace trimmed bedding or even go upmarket with a full lace bedspread.

9. Shabby Chic: More Chic than Shabby!

Shabby chic is a décor style that used old, or artificially aged, furniture and
fabrics to create a comfortable, old-school style of décor that creates a
charming and welcoming ambiance. Remaking your bedroom in shabby chic will give
you a comfortable room that invites relaxation and warmth, while oozing charm
and beauty in one gently aged package.

Choose from one of the above hints
and tips or combine as many as you think will work well together, refining and
reworking your bedroom décor and bedding until you fall in love with your
bedroom all over again!

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