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Guest post: Why you should consider plantation shutters for your home!

shutters are a great investment for your home. Their classic, timeless beauty
looks great on bay windows, family room windows, bedroom windows, and kitchen
windows. Custom
plantation shutters can even be installed on sliding glass
doors and window arches. Here are 3 benefits of
investing in plantation shutters for your home.

1. Privacy – Uncovered windows are great for an
unobstructed view and plenty of sunlight but sometimes it is necessary to have
some privacy. At night an uncovered window makes it very easy for those passing
by to see right into your home and even during the day you may want to add a
little privacy to your bedroom, bathroom or any other room of the house.
Plantation shutters offer excellent options for privacy. Tilt the louvers up
slightly for privacy while still allowing light in. Or close them all of the
way for complete privacy and light control.

2. Light/Temperature Control – Speaking of light
control, that is another advantage of plantation shutters. Because they are
thicker and denser than blinds or curtains, they offer superb light and
temperature control. In fact, Danmer’sThermalite™ Shutters insulate up to 3
times better than wood. By controlling the light and airflow into a room,
owners can lower their home energy bills considerably. Plantation shutters are
also a great option for blocking out most light which is great for bedrooms so
it is easier to sleep and in family rooms to reduce the glare on the television.

3. Style – Of course, one of the most
important reasons to consider plantation shutters for your home is the way they
look. Plantation shutters create a beautiful, timeless look in the home,
bringing an air of sophistication that blinds and curtains just can not compete
with. Danmer’s custom plantation shutters fit each window and door perfectly
and become a part of your home.

in beautifully hand-crafted custom shutters from Danmer today. There are a
variety of styles and colors to choose from to match the d├ęcor in any home. A
Danmer design specialist will help you choose the right
plantation shutters and
the excellent customer service representatives will help you every step of the
way. Consider new shutters for your home today.

more information on plantation shutters, visit Danmer at

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