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Guest post- Inspiring home theater ideas!

This article is provided by Robert Bell.

Having a home theater was once a luxury only afforded by the
rich and famous. However, thanks to the vast advancement in home media
technology, most homeowners can now afford to create their own theater space.
As a result, the different designs now used for home theaters have become as
vast as the many personalities of homeowners across the globe. You can find a
home theater design idea for any budget, interior design, trend and dream. Do not
forget that a good home theater should look thought out and also have viewing
options for everyone. DirecTV is a great
option as you can find movies, cartoons, and almost any sport possible. You can
sign up using and at
the same time pick up Starz and HBO free for three
months. Here are a few highlights of great home theater styles to inspire your
own design.

Exotic with Floor Pillows

This budget friendly solution involves incorporating a floor
filled with pillows into your design. Replace costly and bulky sofas and
recliners for easy to move pillows and cushions. For an exotic flair, go with a
Moroccan inspired design. Feature pillows printed with worldly ikat and paisley
designs in bold colors including turquoise, purple and yellow. Include pillows
of multiple sizes, as well as bean bag chairs and down comforters, to create
multi-level comfort for a variety of individuals. Line the walls with Middle
Eastern style rugs, and drape colorful silk scarves across the ceiling. Add a
few low rising coffee tables around the perimeter for holding beverages and


Are you a huge Hobbit fan, or do you prefer the magical world of
Harry Potter? Perhaps you would love to live in the tree house of Twilight or
the fairy lands of Tinker Bell. Whatever your favorite fantasy film, you can
bring that to life in your home theater. This budget busting theme is only
contained by your imagination. Use custom cabinetry, custom printed wall
murals, and film focused decor to create a one-of-a-kind theater inspired by
your favorite flick. Search for seating that is similar to what would be
expected in your fantasy film world, such as church bench seating for a
Hogwarts setup
or grapevine chairs in a Hobbit worthy theater.

Garden Vibe

Nowadays outdoor spaces are extending living rooms and kitchens
for many homeowners. Additionally, you can create a home theater in your
backyard if you are short on space indoors. Use weather resistant seating, such
as wicker or wood, topped with waterproof cushions. Add plenty of surfaces for
setting popcorn, drinks and subtle lighting sources. Install a mini bar and
kitchenette along with a fire pit to make the space more user friendly and
inviting. For the big screen, utilize a sizable blank art canvas extended
beneath a sprawling arbor or suspended between two clothes line poles. A
projector unit connected with a laptop brings the movie to life, which is a
vast improvement in home theater technology from yesteryear.

and Cozy

Home theaters tend to be seen as man caves. Break through this
barrier to create a glamorous space where you can watch chick flicks with your
gal pals. Keep things cozy by installing cushioned walls and oversized chaise
lounges and daybeds. Brighten the space by using an all-white color scheme.
Make sure to invest in color guard and waterproof materials to prevent wine and
butter stains. For a contemporary touch, add pops of colors and prints through
a single piece of artwork or a selection of boldly stated floor rugs. Include
vases of freshly cut flowers, adorned coffee tables, and chic serving trays to
complete the look.

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