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Guest post- Weird and wonderful ways to use artificial grass!

These days, more and more people are choosing to install
artificial lawns over real lawns because its low-maintenance, eco-friendly,
cost effective and very realistic. Fake grass was unheard of many years ago but
now the trend has taken off all over the world so it is not uncommon to see a
fake grass lawn in your neighbors back garden or the garden across the road
nowadays. But you may be surprised at some of the other places were artificial
lawns are cropping up.


If you do not have
the luxury of owning a garden then do not fear, create a rooftop garden by
installing a grass surface and decorating with potted plants and garden
accessories. You will never tell the difference.

or Terrace

If you live in a
flat or apartment and miss the look and feel of grass, install it onto your
balcony or terrace, that way you can have the best of both worlds.

Putting Areas

Calling all
golfers how would you like to own your very own putting green? Use artificial
grass to create a small private putting green for golf practice, you can do
this in your garden or even indoors if you have the space, it will make a great
place for you and your mates to practice a few drives.


If you are a bit of
a gym buddy but like the outdoors, then artificial grass can create the feel of
an outdoor workout whilst using state of the art equipment indoors.

Play Area

Pets can have
devastating effects on your lawn and carpet, so why not give your dog its very
own play area. Fake grass is safer for pets and can be and is a lot more
hygienic to clean.


If you have a
child in your family who is a football fan then fake grass is great option for a
children’s bedroom or a themed playroom. You can create a football pitch or a
jungle by simply putting animal prints on the walls for boys and flowers and countryside
rainbows for girls.


If you are a
chicken lover but are fed up of them running your lawn then give them a fake grass to run. That way they are happy and the mess can simply be hosed down.


Artificial grass
is perfect for a children’s play area. It is a much safer option to put
underneath climbing frames, slides and swings. You can relax in peace whilst
the children play safely.


Artificial grass
is water permeable and anti-slip so it is a great idea for putting around your
garden pool. It is pretty, slip- free and you will have no more muddy wet patches
on your lawn.


When you look at
photo shoots based on a lovely scenic background or on a greener than greener
football pitch? Well it is fake grass. Believe it or not, fake grass is often
used at promotional events, in TV commercial and photo-shoots.


Fake grass is just
fantastic for market stalls and creating themed areas and window displays to
showcase outdoor products such as bikes, BBQ equipment, outdoor play area and
camping equipment.

Thanks to
artificial grass’s low-cost, versatility and eco-friendly attributes,
artificial grass is making a big splash in many unusual places.  Once
thought to just be for sporting venues and the occasional front lawn, the uses
for fake grass are endless!

This post was written by Amy Bennett who has recently
invested in high quality artificial grass from

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Write by: AN - Thursday, August 22, 2013

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