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Guest post- From Tiny To Trendy: How To Enhance A Small Space!

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In recent years there has been a huge shift in the living
styles of urbanites. Thanks to major developments in architecture and
technology, it is easier than ever to live in a significantly smaller space.
Interestingly enough, this phenomenon is not driven by dwindling finances, but
by the desire to live a minimalist lifestyle that allows for the freedom to
move. There are some great options for individuals and families who are looking
to purchase a small space while also creating a haven for comfort and functionality.

Newer houses are architecturally designed to minimize any
extra space. Think about it: when you first walk into a house, you do not
usually see an awkward corner whose only purpose is to collect dust or grow
mold. There are a lot of tricks and tactics contractors and home designers use
when building houses to make the most of space. One drawback to this kind of
design is the heightened importance on paying attention to every design detail.

If you feel like you have moved into a space that is smaller
than average, you are probably interested in finding out how to make the small
space both comfortable and functional. Here are some small changes you can make
that can have a huge impact on the structure of your new home.

Go Small:

Opting for smaller pieces of furniture is good way to create
extra space. If you have a small space and want to avoid overstuffing it, you
can choose smaller pieces of furniture. A lot of the time, you can swap out a
sofa and love seat with a sofa and chair combination that looks great. You
could also switch out a larger desk for a more compact working area with a
built-in hutch or shelf above. Large desktops are not a necessity; especially
in this digital age when going paperless is the norm.

Sliding vs. Swinging:

A big style trend that has been taking over many households
is installing
sliding doors or even retro-chic barn doors instead of traditional swinging doors. This is great
because a) it can give your house a modern feel and b) allow you to create
extra space where a traditional door would sway and swing.

Keep “Your-shelf” in Mind:

Shelves are a great way to create more surface space and if
placed properly can even serve as substitutes for drawers, dressers, closets
and even night stands. What is great about shelves is that you can place them
wherever you like and make them as tall or short as you like. Some types of
shelves that have been appearing in many households are folding shelves that
are attached to window sills and suspended shelves that are practical and

Think Vertical:

If you are in the market for a house, look for vaulted
ceilings, windows that touch the ceiling and tall built-in book shelves. These are just some of the ways you can make a small space appear a
lot larger and visually appealing to anyone who walks in. This will give the
illusion of a larger home and keep your house from looking like it is stuffed
with bulky pieces.

There are tons of different ways to optimize your space. It
just takes a little creativity and a little thinking outside the box. If you
have a small house and need to make it look comfortable and functional it might
be time to upgrade the items within
the house. The smallest changes can have the greatest impact. 

Disclaimer: I have received compensation in return for publishing this article.

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Write by: AN - Thursday, July 11, 2013

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