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Guest post: Five Decorating Ideas For Your Child’s Bedroom!

Looking to redecorate your child’s bedroom
into the dream space they have always wanted? Below are some ideas that cover everything from bunk beds, bedroom
furniture to accessories so you and your child can get truly creative.


If your child shares a room with a sibling
then a bunk bed could be the perfect space saving solution for you. They came
in different shapes and sizes so there are bound to be one that suits your
needs. But this can make buying a
bed mattress
tricky as sometimes you will need a single and small double
for your bunk bed. The bunk beds compact and multi-functional design will bring
harmony and order to your children’s bedroom.

Bedroom Furniture Sets

Choosing a themed bedroom furniture set is
a great way to update your child’s bedroom without having the hassle of repainting
or wallpapering the entire bedroom. There are numerous different themes to
choose from including Arabian Nights, Princess, Dinosaur and the classic Boy
Car Racer. The one you choose is entirely dependent on your little ones


Nothing makes a bigger or bolder statement
than a novelty bed. The bed is the heart of any bedroom so choosing one that
suits your child’s tastes is no mean fete. For boys the obvious choice is the
car bed, but there are choices as diverse as ships and rocket beds. Whereas
girls have the pick from princess carriage beds that will make them feel like
Cinderella to pink car beds. As you can see both girls and boys have a variety
of novelty beds to choose from. 


Wall art is the ultimate way to put your
children’s personal stamp on your child’s bedroom. It is inexpensive as either buying
stencils or creating your own stencils is more cost effective than hiring a
decorator. It can also be a fun project you can do with your child. So roll up
your sleeves and grab brush and turn your child’s wall into a truly unique
piece of art.

& Games

Finally no child’s bedroom would be
complete without toys and games. The traditional choices are a rocking horse,
cuddly toys and the quintessential train set. But if you fancy something more
vibrant why not use the icons of kitsch and retro games for inspiration. You
can buy Ppacman duvet sets or twister rugs to bring a touch of this fun style to
your child’s bedroom.

Written by Nicola who writes about home furnishings
on behalf of

Disclaimer: I have received compensation in return for publishing this article.

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